Powder coating of metal

Powder coating of metal

TiSO company provides services for powder coating of metal (sheet metal, as well as metal products of any shape). Painting is carried out on an automated painting line. Thanks to this, the processing of the object goes through a full cycle within one workshop. This allows us to fulfill large orders quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of powder coating by TiSO:

  • Possibility of obtaining thick one-coat coatings (due to 100% solids content) instead of more expensive multilayer coatings in case of liquid paints.
  • Full automation of the painting process.
  • Less shrinkage and porosity of the film due to no evaporation of solvents.
  • Absence of negative influence of solvents not evaporated from films on strength properties of coatings.
  • Elimination of streaks on vertical surfaces and wrinkling of coatings during drying.
  • Heat resistance of painted products from -60 to +120 °С.
  • Increased adhesion (adhesion of particles to the painted surface — 500 nm).

Painting of products is carried out on an automatic painting line with a continuously moving conveyor, which allows painting large volumes of metal products quickly and efficiently with strict adherence to the powder painting technology.

TiSO powder coating line features:

  • maximum dimensions of metal products — 2100×3500 mm;
  • maximum length of aluminum profiles — up to 7000 mm;
  • painting of any type of metal — galvanized steel, black steel, brass, copper, aluminum alloys, cast iron products, etc .;
  • painting in any color according to the RAL scale with the formation of smooth or textured surfaces;
  • application of coatings used indoors or exposed to ultraviolet radiation and corrosive environments;
  • painting of any metal products that can withstand temperatures of 180-200 ºС;
  • painting of both sheet metal and products of any other configuration (pallets, blinds, door blocks, profiles, products with radius shapes, etc.);
  • coloring of products of our own production, as well as products of other manufacturers, requiring them to be given protective and decorative properties.

powder coating of metal
equipment for powder coating
powder coating booth

Metal processing:

  1. Chemical surface preparation in a jet spray tunnel;
  2. Drying in a convection oven with intense hot air blowing;
  3. Electrostatic spraying of powder paint in an automatic (if necessary — and manual) way;
  4. Polymerization of the powder in an oven and the formation of a monolithic coating with desired aesthetic and functional properties.

The success of TiSO is due to the latest production technologies for improving quality, a well-chosen commercial strategy and close cooperation with renowned manufacturers of equipment, raw materials and materials, customer orientation of products and services.