How we prepare metal for powder coating

How we prepare metal for powder coating

The automated metal powder coating line consists of a degreasing zone, a rinsing zone, a drying zone, a paint application zone and a baking (polymerization) zone.

Processing of metal products for powder coating:

  1. Chemical surface preparation in a jet spray tunnel;
  2. Drying in a convection oven with intense hot air blowing;
  3. Electrostatic spraying of powder paint in an automatic (if necessary – and manual) way;
  4. Polymerization of the powder in an oven and the formation of a monolithic coating with desired aesthetic and functional properties.

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The process of chemical preparation of the surface of metal products for powder painting consists of simultaneous degreasing and preliminary chemical treatment, creating a conversion film. This preparation method enhances the properties of the powder paint.

Preparation for painting the aluminum is carried out in accordance with the requirements of world standards. Powder coating on the surface of an aluminum profile is also carried out on an automated line in a special painting booth. The process takes place thanks to a technology that directs paint particles charged in an electrostatic field to the surface of a grounded product, which makes it possible to achieve uniform distribution and thickness of paint on the surface of the product.

Electrostatic spraying of powder paint is carried out automatically by industrial equipment of the Swiss company Gema Switzerland GmbH, which represents on the world market the most modern systems for applying powder materials. In terms of efficiency and quality of application, this equipment has no analogues in the world.

Chemical surface preparation of products is carried out by certified products and in accordance with the recommended technologies of BASF-Chemetall, which is a world renowned expert in the field of chemical surface treatment.

Control of technological processes and the quality of polymer coatings is carried out by specialists of the production laboratory according to the following indicators:

  1. Shine coating
  2. Coating thickness
  3. Coating adhesion
  4. Adhesion strength of powder material in dry and wet state
  5. Buchholz hardness
  6. Flexural elasticity of the coating
  7. Tensile elasticity of the coating
  8. Test for polymerization
  9. Durability of the coating on impact
  10. Resistance of the coating to corrosion

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