Coordinate-punching works

Coordinate-punching works

Metal cutting with the help of a coordinate-punching press is one of the most effective and popular methods for sheet metal processing. Manufacturing of parts on coordinate punching presses consists in sequential punching of holes with the help of a set of replaceable stamps installed in a turret of a press. With the help of a high-precision coordinate device, the workpiece is fed to the working position.

Also coordinate press allows not only to cut holes, contours of various shapes and sizes, but also to perform complex elements, such as:

  • cuts,
  • slots,
  • louvre,
  • rounding,
  • rib stiffeners,
  • relief,
  • punching,
  • countersink,
  • various complex moldings.

In the production of the TiSO company we use the new modern coordinate-punching press of the Prima Power company PG1225. The press is equipped with two multitools, one of which is equipped with a swivel head, which allows the processing of complex contours.

Main advantages:

  • metal cutting without thermal heating;
  • high precision manufacturing of products;
  • bulk elements moldings;
  • high speed and performance.

To order it is necessary:

Send a request to email with the required information:

— drawings in the DXF or DWG format. There should be only the contour of the cut out part on a 1:1 scale in the drawing. Every detail should be attached to a separate file. Also drawings in PDF format are required, if the product contain: countersink, bulge, molding, rib stiffeners;

— material and number of products.