Sheet metal bending

Sheet metal bending

Sheet metal bending is a technological operation in which a flat blank is provided with a new bulk shape. Metal bending is performed only due to plastic deformation of the material. Metal bending occurs by compressing one and stretching the other layers of the part. For sheet metal bending we use modern equipment from the manufacturer Bystronic (Switzerland). With years of experience, company personnel, and advanced equipment, TiSO performs «complex bends» with high precision.

Our capabilities:

  • Bending of stainless steel, black metal, aluminum.
  • Blank thickness: 0,5 – 8 mm.
  • Blank length: up to 3 m

To order sheet metal bending it is necessary:

  1. To make a drawing in pdf format.
  2. Send request to

In drawings it is necessary to indicate the size of the bends, which are covered.