Cutting stainless steel with nitrogen

Cutting stainless steel with nitrogen

Cutting stainless steel with nitrogen allows metal to be processed without oxidation of the edges. Using this method, the maximum accuracy of high-quality cutting is guaranteed. This, in turn, eliminates the need for subsequent processing of the edge and increases corrosion resistance.

Progressive method of metalworking

Laser cutting with nitrogen – a popular contemporary form of processing of materials – ceramics, plastics, titanium and, of course, stainless steel. The alternative is oxy-fuel cutting. This technology is effective when it is necessary to cut metal sheets of large thickness. That is, the productivity of the use of oxygen cutting in the individual tasks is high enough, but the thicker the metal, the lower the cutting speed. Therefore, using a simple oxygen cutting technology is not always effective.

The advantages of cutting with nitrogen

Technological lasers of the new generation differ from their predecessors by higher power. This is achieved through the use of nitrogen as the cutting gas.

The use of this technology allows you to protect the edge of the metal when cutting from the harmful effects of oxidation. Under the influence of nitrogen, no oxidized layer forms on the metal edge. Its absence makes it possible to apply the coating. In addition, corrosion resistance of stainless steel is increased.

The cantilever design of the laser unit allows cutting at high speed, increasing productivity and reducing the cost of products manufacture. The use of nitrogen laser cutting improves the quality of titanium and aluminum processing.

The use of this efficient technology guarantees high productivity by increasing the speed of metalworking.

Another important feature – nitrogen cutting allows you to work with high precision with very thin sheets. If we talk about stainless steel, it is 0.5 — 12 mm.

laser cutting with nitrogen
nitrogen +metal laser cutting
metal laser cutting with nitrogen

Cutting stainless steel with nitrogen on modern equipment

So, the benefits of nitrogen cutting are obvious:

  • first, it is possible to get clean edges of the cut, avoiding the appearance of scale;
  • secondly, it is possible to cut thin sheets of metal;
  • thirdly, thanks to the high speed of processing of blanks, productivity increases.

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