How to choose a metalworker

How to choose a metalworker

When choosing a company that provides metal processing services, including laser cutting and bending, take into account several main factors:

  • use of the modern hi-tech equipment allowing to carry out orders qualitatively and in the shortest possible time;
  • range of services and their price;
  • the qualifications of the specialists in the manufacture of unique shapes, including custom etc.


The factors of choosing a company for metal processing

We will tell you a little more about what you need to pay special attention when choosing a metal processing service provider.

1) It is important to read the full list of proposed works. Large specialized companies are not limited to laser cutting and metal sheets bending. For example, in the list of services of the TiSO company there is also metal cutting with a coordinate punching press. This indicates that the company has a large machine park that allows you to perform different types of machining operations.

2) Learn the list of materials with which the company works, and their parameters. Our company takes orders for processing of alloy (stainless) steel, black, galvanized, as well as aluminum, brass and copper. The thickness and dimensions of the sheets (for laser cutting) are indicated in the relevant section of the service description. When ordering sheet metal bending in drawings that we ask customers to send us by mail, it is necessary to specify the dimensions of the bends.

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3) Quality control is also important. The best option is the implementation of multi-stage control. This option can always be specified at checkout.

4) The highly professional company employs specialists who carry out orders according to the drawings of the customer.

5) An important indicator is the cost of services. Too high a price, when the cost of the product exceeds its real market value, suggests the wrong organization of production. Understated is also alarming, because if the company has installed expensive equipment, its use should pay off. In addition, highly qualified employees of the enterprise should receive a decent salary for quality work.

6) Another important factor is an individual approach to each client. It provides, including interaction with the contact person of the contractor who oversees a specific order. This approach allows you to control the process of performance of work by both parties and promptly respond to force majeure if necessary.



So, I hope that this information will allow you not to make a mistake with the choice of the company for metal processing.