Powder coating of auto discs

Powder coating of auto discs

  1. Classification of discs
  2. Powder coating technology of discs

TiSO’s production facilities allow painting wheels of cars on an industrial scale. Powder coating is carried out on an automated painting line within one plant. This has a positive effect on the quality and speed of order execution.

The most effective way is to paint the discs with powder polymer materials.

Classification of discs

Classification of auto discs:

  • steel stamped;
  • light alloys;
  • cast (aluminum and magnesium);
  • forged (including titanium).

Steel stamped discs are most often used. They are relatively inexpensive, but easily deformable and corrosive.

Cast discs are much lighter, but more fragile. If there is a crack, they are not repairable.

Forged models are more durable, because in the production process after casting and cooling the workpiece they are heated again and forged, removing the created internal stresses, then perform procedures for sealing the outer part of the disc. Forging gives these products plasticity and lightness, but at the same time significantly increases their cost.

types of disc
classification of discs
powder coating of discs in Ukraine

The most expensive ones are titanium forged discs. They are reliable, lightweight and durable, but not at all affordable for an ordinary car owner.

Modern technology of painting discs provide reliable protection of steel products from various external factors, both physical and chemical, and mechanical.

In some cases, a layer of lacquer is not applied, because a number of powder coatings do not require additional protection.

At painting by powder-polymer materials it is possible to reach as various structural effects — structure «Velvet», «Small shagreen», «Large shagreen» — and the degree of gloss of covering is selected according to your wishes — from a deep mat to mirror gloss, with effect «Metallic» or without.

Powder coating technology of discs

The basic technology of powder coating of discs consists of three main stages:

  1. Preparation of the surface for painting (includes removal of dirts and oxides, residues of old paint, degreasing and chemical phosphating — to increase adhesion of the paint layer to the surface of the disc and to protect it from corrosion).
  2. Application of a layer of powder paint on the surface to be painted in a spray booth.
  3. Melting and polymerization of powder coating in the polymerization oven. Formation of coating film. Cooling and curing of paint.

Sandblasting of car discs allows you to thoroughly clean the surface from rust, residues of old paintwork and other impurities, as well as improve the adhesion of the coating to the surface. Sandblasting of wheel rims (in more complicated cases shot blasting) is not only effective, but also optimal in terms of price and quality ratio.

Powder coating is few layers of polymer powders, which are sprayed on the surface of the product and then subjected to polymerization at a certain temperature in the curing oven.

The first layer is a primer one. Powder polymer may contain zinc powder for additional protection against corrosion.

The second and third layers are protective and decorative. It can be both monochrome colors on the RAL scale, and coatings with the effect of «Metallic», fluorescent effects, transparent varnish colorless, transparent varnish colorless with silver or multicolored sequins.

protective and decorative layer on discs
coating of autodiscs
powder coating of cast discs

An interesting visual effect is obtained by powder painting of automobile discs with colorful varnishes – the refraction of light at different angles creates darker, deeper shades, or vice versa, almost transparent.

We can also paint car discs in small batches. Over time, the coatings on the discs become unusable, metal parts begin to break down due to omnipresent corrosion, which causes deformation and deterioration of the strength characteristics of discs — both steel and light alloy discs, and even titanium ones.

As it does not look aesthetic, spoils the general appearance of the car, reduces its status, so it is necessary to urgently restore the visual attractiveness of the wheel rims, and it is not necessary to buy new discs.

Traditional methods of restoration are becoming a thing of the past, as enamels and acrylic coverings could not compete with the effects that are given by painting the discs with a powder polymer method. The technology differs in complexity, but this way of protecting car discs increases their operational reliability and durability many times, which as a result allows to save money significantly.