Trends of Metalworking Market

Trends of Metalworking Market

Current trends in the development of new technologies and designs of metalworking equipment are based on automated processing of materials and the use of user-friendly software with interfaces for working with CAD and ERP systems.

Production capabilities now allow to significantly increase the output of finished products and accelerate the implementation of individual orders. Due to this, the costs for the purchase of modern components, personnel training and payment of their labor are covered.

The main attention is paid to high technologies of metal processing with the help of innovative equipment of a new generation, intelligent machine systems, the use of a wide range of components and devices.

Innovative equipment Bystronic Laser AG

Bystronic Laser AG is in the list of leaders of the leading enterprises of the modern world machine-tool industry and mechanical engineering.

This Swiss company develops and manufactures innovative laser systems for contour cutting of all types of metal, presses for high-precision processing of sheet metal using free and three-point bending, equipment for water-jet cutting of metal, ceramics, glass and other materials.

All parts and other components that determine the stability of the production lines are manufactured at the enterprises of the company. And this is a guarantee of reliability and high level of performance of their products.

Laser system

For laser cutting of metal the TiSO company uses the high-performance BYSTRONIC equipment offering effective solutions for automation of technological processes. The equipment of this manufacturer allows to manufacture metal parts of different shapes with optimal accuracy.

Equipment Bystronic foir laser metal cutting

Machines carry out water-jet cutting. It fully meets the modern requirements of productive work of manufacture.

Also, this technology of sheet processing justifies itself where traditional methods are not applicable. This means that it is possible to avoid additional costs for the completion of parts; there is no threat of reduced performance.

Another advantages of using a water-jet cutting machine is the purity of production and environmental friendliness of the process: no harmful gases, no fumes are released.

Bending equipment

Bystronic bending equipment allows to achieve high accuracy of the obtained cutting edge, the scale lines of the machine fully control the management of the Y axes. Efficient equipment management systems are set up quickly and easily.

Equipment Bystronic for bending

Due to the exceptional accuracy of positioning and repetition it is possible to obtain a perfect bending at any angle.

TiSO company is always glad to see among its customers rational and far-sighted customers who appreciate the perfect quality of steel products and a high level of service.