What is metal laser cutting

What is metal laser cutting

Metal laser cutting provides cutting of sheet material in a progressive way. The use of this technology is a guarantee of high precision material working and optimal performance due to the unique properties of the laser beam. For the cutting of sheet metal, our company uses modern production equipment of the Swiss company Bystronic. TiSO company uses the power and functionality of automated, innovative machine tools. Therefore, operators perform laser cutting of metal in Kiev and manufacture of any shape parts with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

Our company provides a sheet metal cutting service of various types:

  • constructional (black) steel (thickness of 0.5-16 mm);
  • alloy (stainless) steel (thickness of 0.5-12 mm);
  • aluminum (thickness of 0.5-12 mm);
  • brass (thickness 0.5-6 mm);
  • copper (thickness 0.5-6 mm);
  • laser cutting of galvanized steel (thickness 0.5-3 mm).

Metal sheets up to 1500 x 3000 mm are accepted in the work.


High quality, fast execution of orders and optimized from an economic point of view, the organization of production are the factors for choosing metal laser cutting services.

The use of this technology allows:

  • minimizing the number of expensive material scraps;
  • work with small batches of metal;
  • adjust equipment for any purpose;
  • achieve high productivity thanks to maximum cutting speed.

The use of expensive laser equipment requires higher costs rather than working with other special-purpose equipment, but the highly effective final result justifies the high cost.

Laser cutting to order is effective in cases where it is necessary to perform working in order to:

  • avoid unnecessary mechanical impact on the metal, for example, in the case of manufacturing products from brittle materials and materials that are easily deformable;
  • cutting of hard alliage;
  • make the most accurate cut and get the perfect fen edge;
  • avoid defects, the elimination of which requires additional subsequent working;
  • implement figured cutting of any shape;
  • economical use of material due to the most dense placement of sheets at the profile.